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Master of Arts -

The science of sounds.

Musicology means understanding sounds in their basic building blocks, accompanying music through the centuries, examining its effects, and relating it to other disciplines. The Master of Arts Musicology offers in-depth study in the subject, especially in the examination of current fundamental questions, the research discipline of musicology and a scientifically accompanied dialogue between art and science.

The Master's program serves as a further qualification in the field of musicology for professional fields such as music research, music education, dramaturgy, publishing, higher education or the management of music institutions, and can also prepare students for a doctorate at the same time.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact the relevant contact person(s).


Basic information

Degree Master of Arts
Period of study 4 Semester
Course begin Wintersemester
ECTS points 120 Credits
Major subjects Künstlerische Forschung, Musikwissenschaftliche Forschung
Continuing study options Doctorate

Additional information

Possible majors: Musicology with the elective modules "Musicological Research" or "Artistic Research.

Grafische Darstellung des Kölner Doms, drumherum Personen und technische Geräte

GfM Annual Conference 2024

The Society for Music Research invites you to Cologne! Together with the University of Cologne, the Cologne University of Music and Dance is organizing the GfM Annual Conference 2024 from 11 - 14 September on the topic of COLLABORATIONS ∞ Against Methodological Compulsion. The topics of the two main symposia are also interdisciplinary and cross-methodological: the HfMT will be looking for "Musical Perspectives in Artistic Research": Acoustic Research. In contrast, the University of Cologne will focus on "Transdisciplinary approaches between historical and systematic methods" - on musical experience. In addition, there will be free papers and panels from the broad spectrum of current music research.

Impressions from the study program
Referent hält ein Vortrag vor Publikum im Kammermusiksaal

Musicology research

The continuous development of competencies in the area of research methodology and the communication and presentation of knowledge (also with regard to university didactics) accompanies the entire study program.

The development and deepening of knowledge is systematically linked to the expansion and deepening of specialized literature. The introduction to the scientific operation of the subject is promoted and supported by the recognition of corresponding achievements (conference attendance, participation in methodological workshops, writing of scientific texts, etc.) in the study program.

Applications are submitted online via the muvac platform. All information on the procedure can be found on our application page.

  1. Study of a Bachelor's degree in Musicology or for the teaching profession at Gymnasiums and Gesamtschulen or Berufskolleg or a degree recognized as equivalent.
  2. Study of a Bachelor of Music in Education or instrumental pedagogical courses of study as well as a Bachelor of Music or artistic courses of study (then, in addition to the degree, 12 credits must have been acquired in the subject of musicology, whereby 2 credits must be proven for the preparation of a performance record)
  3. Completion of other music-related degree programs (in which case music-related academic studies (including music composition subjects and music education) totaling 40 credits must be demonstrated. Of these, 20 credits (including three performance credits) must be designated as music-related academic studies).
  4. Admission to the elective module "Artistic Development and Reflection" requires a Bachelor's degree in an artistic subject.

The following documents must be submitted for admission to the "Master of Arts Musicology" program:

  • Curriculum vitae,
  • proof of completion of a relevant university degree (certified copy),
  • an independently written musicological term paper of at least 15 pages,
  • letter of motivation for the application.

Admission to the program is decided on the basis of these documents by an admission committee appointed by Department 5. In individual cases, the commission may decide to invite applicants to an interview.

Students with a Bachelor's degree are given the opportunity to deepen their scientific know-how and further develop their skills in this field in a two-year Master's program.

To this end, the theory and practice of musicology are taught in an interdisciplinary context in the following modules:

  • Historical Musicology
  • Systematic Musicology
  • Popular music/ethnic musicology
  • Research: optionally "Musicological Research" or "Artistic Research
  • Cultural Studies / Media Theory
  • Knowledge Communication

In the field of "artistic research", artistic development processes are regarded as equivalent forms of knowledge acquisition to traditional scientific procedures and are used to gain specific knowledge from within the arts. The field of art based research or artistic research recurs to the specific production and performance structure of the arts themselves, instead of seeing the arts and especially their representation in "texts" as the object of scientific inquiry, as in traditional hermeneutic methodology.

Following the master's program, students can immediately begin their doctoral studies in musicology.

You can find a list of our lecturers on the following page.

Current events

Ringvorlesung - Zwischen Istanbul und Köln
Kammermusiksaal Köln
Ringvorlesung - Zwischen Istanbul und Köln
Opera buffa gestern und heute
Kammermusiksaal Köln
Opera buffa gestern und heute
Opera buffa gestern und heute
Kammermusiksaal Köln
Opera buffa gestern und heute
Opera buffa gestern und heute
Kammermusiksaal Köln
Opera buffa gestern und heute


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