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Study programs dance

Experimental, Interdisciplinary, Interdisciplinary

Contemporary dance today works in diverse settings and formats. Artistic processes and production methods are often experimental, interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary. Existing body images, value economies or forms of coexistence are questioned. Unexpected alliances and new discourses, fields of practice and knowledge emerge. Professional fields are changing: dancers are involved as co-authors in the choreographic process. Dance educators explore the conditions of transfer of body knowledge and strategies to strengthen accessibility and participation. Dance scholars investigate how, for example, gestures of political protest subvert existing power structures in different times and social systems.

Dance, dance education and dance studies in transition

In the field of contemporary dance, knowledge and know-how of choreographic and dramaturgical working methods are applied in addition to dance skills. Against this background, dancers engage in artistic research into their practices and bring theory into dialogue. The radius of action of dance mediators has expanded to all social fields in which it is a matter of accompanying people in aesthetic, creative action with, through and from movement with the help of body-related and artistic procedures. Dance scholars bring bodily-artistic perspectives with scientific research methods into a dialogue that challenges the demarcation between 'theory' and 'practice' and increasingly focuses on phenomena of popular culture and social life.