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Study start

Important information about the start of the study

All rooms at the university in Cologne are managed exclusively online. For this we use the software Asimut, a software for room booking and event management, which is already successfully used at many art and music colleges worldwide.

With the semester ticket, you have the opportunity to travel free of charge by bus and train throughout NRW. The semester ticket for students at the Cologne and Wuppertal campuses is made available to you online. It can be accessed online after successful re-registration. The semester ticket at the Aachen location will continue to be sent to you by mail via ASEAG. For more information about the validity of your semester ticket, please visit the websites of the respective public transport companies.

With the introduction of the Deutschlandticket on May 1, 2023, you have the possibility to upgrade your semester ticket. On the website NRW Ticketshop, under the item ,,DeutschlandTicket-Upgrade" and by entering the required data, the ticket can be produced for a calendar month with reference to the existing semester ticket. You can find more information about this on Ilias.

After enrollment, you will receive your study book from the study secretariat (no later than one week before the start of your studies). The study book is important for the smooth execution of your studies.

For a successful start to your studies, you will find the following in the study book

  • Your access data for the Online Student Service (LSF) incl. instructions
  • Your access data for the university e-mail address (e-mail account) incl. a leaflet with relevant information
  • your matriculation certificate
  • an overview of the forms of examination
  • your study plan
  • your test sheets and the relevant examination protocols

We offer an information session on the study book during the introductory week. If you have any questions or uncertainties, please contact the Central Student Advisory Service.

At the beginning of your studies, you will receive your student ID card when you enroll. This is your card for everything and you should always have it with you. The student ID is a blue chip card that has several functions. For example, it is your

In addition, the chip card allows you access to the main building in Cologne through the rear entrance, access to the Science Center (WIZ) in Dagobertstraße, access to the IT room in the library and access to the overrooms at the Aachen location.

IMPORTANT: Every semester, after your re-registration, you have to revalidate the card to make it valid for the semester. You will find the machine for this next to room 2 at the rear exit of the university at the Cologne location. In case of defects, loss or for the creation of the chip card, please contact the IT department. You can reach them by e-mail at
Consultation hours are also Tuesday and Thursday from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. in Theodor-Heuss-Ring, 2nd floor, room 204. Please ring HfMT Personal/Finanzen/IT.
If you have any problems gaining access via your smart card, please contact:

Library card

On the back of the chip card is your borrowing number for the library. You can use it to borrow books and sheet music on site or order them online. More information is available at the library on the 4th floor or at the site libraries in Aachen and Wuppertal.

In your first semester of study in the area of composition/aural training, we recommend only the following courses

  • Harmony/Contrapuntal 1,
  • Aural Training 1 and
  • General Music Theory

in your first semester. At the beginning of the semester the courses Harmony/Contrapuntal 1 and Aural Training 1 will be centrally assigned. The central assignment will take place on 05/10/2023 at 4pm in room 14.

All information about the courses and the respective registration procedure can be found in the university's online course catalog. You will find the course offerings under Module 3 Education in your respective degree program.