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Lateral entry into the master's teaching degree

Lateral entry

Master of Education in Music for Secondary and Comprehensive Schools (Single Subject Program)

If, after completing a Bachelor of Music degree, you are interested in a long-term career as a music teacher at a school, you might be interested in the Master of Education in Music for Secondary and Comprehensive Schools (single-subject program). After passing an aptitude test specially adapted for this target group and providing proof of teaching experience in general music education at schools of 300 hours and at least one year, you will have the opportunity to obtain a regular degree in music as a teaching subject in schools at the secondary level mentioned. The program will begin in the winter semester of 2023/24, and applications for the qualifying examination will be accepted until March 1, 2023.

This master's degree is intended to help make access to the music teaching profession more flexible and to promote later entry, especially for those who already work or have worked in schools (for example, as substitute teachers). The program was developed in cooperation with the University of Cologne and will have different focal points depending on the previous studies. The goal is to ensure a quality of education comparable to that of regular teacher training programs at the end of the program. More information can be found in the downloads under "Qualifying Examination" and "Information for Students".