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Events and offers in the study




Since the language of instruction at HfMT Cologne is German, a good knowledge of German is important for successful study. As a rule, therefore, you will need a good command of the language even at the time of enrollment.

HfMT offers German courses to accompany your studies. In addition to semester-preparatory courses, there are semester-accompanying workshops. In the courses you can improve your language skills and language competencies. The courses serve as a support offer, regular attendance is required.

The current German courses in the winter semester 2023/24 can be found on the following Ilias page. You can also register for the courses here.

All information for students and teachers and access to registration for chamber music is located in the Chamber Music course on Ilias.

Chamber Music Office Cologne / Aachen


You are required to play in the University Orchestra as a student pursuing a Bachelor of Music degree in all orchestral instruments or a Master of Music degree in all orchestral instruments.

Requirements for the degree are

  • in the Bachelor 21 ECTS credits
  • in the Master 9 ECTS credits

As a rule, three university orchestra phases take place in the winter semester. For each successful participation in an orchestra phase, 1.5 ECTS points are awarded, i.e. two participated projects earn three ECTS points.

In the summer semester there are usually two university orchestra phases.

  • for the opera one receives 3 ECTS points
  • for the second orchestra phase 1.5 ECTS points

An orchestra certificate is issued for each student, on which all orchestra phases played are noted along with the ECTS points earned.

For questions and further information please contact:


The events of the central professionalization area are aimed at students of all semesters and pursue the goal of integrating important topics of a diverse professional practice already into the studies. Different formats such as lectures, seminars and workshops or coaching sessions make the offer varied and allow different insights into topics such as the music market, project financing/securing, project management, marketing, communication, profile design or application training.


The events of the central professionalization area are creditable in module 5 Professionalization.
Further information can be found on Ilias and in the course catalog.

Personal, diverse and future-oriented - this is the focus of the Profil Individuale at the Wuppertal location. Students can compose their own individual path from a wide range of teaching options.

The Central Academic Advising Office organizes a variety of events to help you manage your academic responsibilities.

These include:

  • Music Theory Practice Courses
  • Writing Workshop
  • Rehearsal Stage
  • ZSB Health - Seminar Relaxation Techniques.

In addition, the ZSB organizes events for you outside of your daily study routine, which enable you to get in touch with your fellow students outside of the university and to get to know the diverse range of leisure activities in and around Cologne.
All events of the ZSB can be found on the page of the central student advisory service, in Ilias and in the course catalog.