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Profile Individuale at the Wuppertal site

A composition of your own.

Personal, diverse and future-oriented - this is the focus of the Profil Individuale at the Wuppertal location. Students can compose their own individual path from a wide range of courses.

The profile can be linked - in part or in its entirety - to any degree program. In addition to regular courses offered by professors and lecturers from HfMT Cologne, lectures and workshops are also held with external experts. These are supplemented by projects with cooperation partners.

If you have any questions, please contact the relevant contact person(s).

In addition to the so-called classical training, students have the opportunity to focus on other styles such as jazz or klezmer on a semester-by-semester basis. The lessons take place in groups. Optionally, under certain conditions, half an hour of individual lessons can be taken for two semesters in addition to the regular main subject lessons.

Students in their 3rd year and above choose lessons outside their major from the college's course offerings - for example, to work on a particular piece, to become familiar with a particular school or performance practice. This can take place either as part of the major exchange for individual lessons or as part of the major plus for one or two semesters.

Ensemble work is of particular importance in the Individuale profile, as it is essential for successful professional practice. Both the artistic and the pedagogical side have an equal share in it. Active music-making by students in ensembles is an important prerequisite for convincing and profitable teaching. In courses within as well as in cooperation with ensembles outside the university, students therefore acquire a wide range of skills in both the artistic and pedagogical fields. Individual courses tailored to the special needs of the students, such as conducting film music or workshops on notation software, complete the offer.

This course is offered by professors and lecturers from different disciplines in a team. The goal is the development of diverse didactic, methodical and artistic competencies in concert design and concert mediation. Students learn to design and perform concerts independently. Numerous cooperation partners are closely associated with the Wuppertal location of HfMT Cologne. This gives students the opportunity to test themselves in public concerts outside the university.

Communication plays a central role in teaching relationships. Special events are designed to enable graduates to deal with the various requirements and potentially difficult situations in a confident, solution- and goal-oriented manner.

Bodywork is an important part of the study of music. The goal is to raise awareness of physical dispositions and prevent problems to enable a long and healthy professional life.


The study program is designed to optimally prepare students for professional reality. In today's musical life it is indispensable to be stylistically broadly positioned and to acquire not only artistic but also pedagogical skills, for example in ensemble conducting. A good physical and mental constitution is also essential for a successful professional life.

Yes. You can get information about this from the profile officer and from the student advisor.

The first contact persons are the respective professors and lecturers as well as the student advisory service. The further procedure will then be discussed together.

In the interest of providing the greatest possible variety, some offerings rotate but repeat at regular intervals.

The Individuale profile is generally open to all HfMT students. If the number of participants is limited, students at the Wuppertal location have priority.