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Live & Living

To make it easier to get started and to study

Studying at the Cologne University of Music and Dance marks the beginning of a new phase in life for many students. Not only the situation at the university is new, but also the whole life and living at the university location. Here you have to find your way around, look for a room or an apartment and additionally master the financial aspect of life completely on your own for the first time.

In order to make the start into this new phase of your life a little smoother, you will find a few tips and information about living as a student on this page.


Inexpensive rooms and apartments are hard to find at all three locations. That's why it's important to start looking for housing early and make sure you have a place to stay.
The student unions have different dormitories. Here, too, it is important to apply for a room in good time.

The Studierendenwerk has 89 dormitories with approximately 4900 places in shared apartments, single rooms and apartments. You can find more information on the pages of the Cologne Studierendenwerk. Currently, only about one third of the applications get an apartment!

Therefore: Look around for alternatives as early as possible!

In Aachen, the Studierendenwerk offers over 5,000 places in a total of 24 dormitories. Here, too, the following applies: Apply in good time! For more information, please visit the website of the Aachen Student Union. In addition, the Protestant student community and the Catholic university community in Aachen offer housing.

In Wuppertal, the Studierendenwerk offers a total of approximately 1085 places in five halls of residence. Please apply in good time! However, applicants will not be placed on the list of applicants until at least three months before they plan to move in. For further information, please visit the website of the Hochschul-Sozialwerk Wuppertal. On the pages of the Studierendenwerke you will find many more hints and tips on finding housing in the respective cities.

Other apartments and rooms

When looking for apartments, please use all the possibilities. The platforms on the Internet offer you a wide selection here. Also think about expanding your search radius. There are also nice places to live around the cities, which you can reach easily thanks to your semester ticket.

Registration at the Residents Registration Office

As soon as you have found an apartment and moved in, you must register at the respective residents' registration office. On the following websites you will find information on how to register your residence and the addresses of the residents' registration offices in the respective districts in Cologne, Wuppertal and Aachen.

  • Registration of residence in Aachen
  • Registration of residence in Cologne
  • Registration of residence in Wuppertal

Cafeteria and Catering

There are different catering options at the three HfMT Cologne locations.

Opening hours and menu of the refectory at the Cologne campus can be found on the website of the Cologne Student Union. There are numerous cafés, snack bars and supermarkets in the vicinity of the university at the Cologne location where you can also cater for your physical well-being.

Opening hours and menu of the canteen at the Wuppertal location can be found on the pages of the Wuppertal University Social Services.

Unfortunately, the Aachen location does not have its own refectory. However, the refectories of the RWTH Aachen can be used at the favorable student conditions after purchasing a student guest card (2 Euro). All information about the refectories in Aachen and the conditions of the guest card can be found on the website of the Aachen Student Union. Since the HfMT is very centrally located in Aachen, there are numerous cafés, snack bars and restaurants in the immediate vicinity where you can get something to eat.

Ausschnitt eines Essbereichs an einer Glasfront der Mensa am Standort Köln.

Sports and Leisure

With the following links we would like to offer you a small insight into the wide range of recreational opportunities at the locations.