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There are two staff councils at our university: the staff council for employees in technology and administration and the staff council for employees in the arts and sciences.

Artistic-scientific staff council

The artistic-scientific staff council of the Cologne University of Music and Dance represents a large group of teachers: the lecturers (LBA), teachers for special tasks (LfBA) and academic staff. Employees according to §5 LPVG. Our members always have an open ear and take care of problems of any kind. As an independent and non-departmental body, we take care of all the concerns of the teaching staff in a confidential manner and are bound to secrecy.

Members of the artistic-scientific staff council:

  • Thomas Aydintan | Chairman
  • Sebastian Schärr | deputy chairman
  • Dörte Bald | responsible for Department 5 - Wuppertal site
  • Siegfried Koepf | responsible for Department 2 - Cologne site
  • Matthias Minnich | responsible for Department 4 - Wuppertal site
  • Jennifer Seubel | responsible for department 3
  • Raimonds Spogis | responsible for department 4 and 7/ZZT
  • Detlef Strüwe | responsible for Department 6 - Cologne site
  • Alexander Zolotarev | responsible for Department 1 - Cologne site
  • Katharina Zey | assistance


Staff Council of Employees in Technology and Administration

The non-scientific Staff Council represents all technical and administrative employees of HfMT Cologne at all locations. This includes all employees covered by collective bargaining agreements, civil servants, working students and trainees. Its members are elected by personal vote. The Staff Council is an independent body and has a wide range of tasks, from co-determination in decision-making to consultation, comment and advice. We work closely with the representative body for the severely disabled and the equal opportunity representative.

Members of the non-scientific staff council:

  • Bernd Kersting | Chairman
  • Harald Poloczek | 1st deputy chairman
  • Katja Haus | 2nd Vice Chairperson
  • Dirk Bergmann


  • Tel: +49 221 28380 270
Gruppenfoto des Personalrats der Beschäftigten in Technik und Verwaltung.