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President's Office

Conducting with sound imagination

Every interaction requires good coordination. This is what the president's Office takes care of at our company. Areas of responsibility are:

  • The rector leads the university and is the chairman of the rectorate as well as the senate. He represents the university externally. He is responsible for the final decision on the appointment of professors and he hires academic staff and lecturers.
  • The prorector for International Affairs and Artistic Practice deals with international cooperation, is responsible for artistic developments and represents the Rectorate in matters of university productions.
  • The rrorector for Studies, Teaching and Research is responsible for issuing teaching assignments. He is chairman of the examination board, the library commission and represents the rectorate in the piano procurement commission.
  • The chancellor heads the administration of the university and is responsible for the economic management of the university, the real estate and legal affairs.
  • Together, the president's Office develops medium- and long-term lines of university development, prepares the target and performance agreements with the Ministry, takes care of the budget as well as the allocation of funds to the university's departments, and implements the resolutions of the committees. The president's Office meets weekly.

Prof. Tilmann Claus

If you have any questions, please contact the Rector's office

Consultant of the Rectorate

Portrait Prof. Tilmann Claus

Prof. Ariadne Daskalakis

International and Artistic Practice, Representative of the Rector

Portrait Prof. Ariadne Daskalakis
Portrait Prof. Michael Borgstede

Prof. Michael Borgstede

Vice Rector for Studies, Teaching and Research

Portrait Dr. Gunther Zander

Dr. Gunther Zander

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of the Registrar

Visitor address / President's Office

  • Theodor-Heuss-Ring 38-40, 50668 Cologne, 4th floor