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Turning ideas into art

Music and dance enrich our lives. To keep it that way, we support young talents in realizing their artistic ideas. In order to strengthen talent and bring it to the public, funding is indispensable for the university. In the sponsoring association, we accompany the music and dance talents of the future already during their studies and encourage young people to follow their passion.

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Promote with joy

Large concerts, scholarships or instrument purchases - many of these are only made possible through our support. We determine our diverse range of support together with the university management. In addition to financial support for projects and events or through scholarships, it is also our mission to make the university known to the public and to pass on our shared passion for music and dance.

Become a member

As a member of the Friends, you provide valuable support for the artistic talents of tomorrow. At the same time, you become part of a bubbling music and dance landscape and can experience first-hand time and again how unique art is created from ideas.

Your benefits as a member:

  • Free admission to all events of the university and a reduced price for special events
  • Regular information about all activities and events of the university
  • Attendance at rehearsals and exams, if desired
  • Attractive offers, such as workshops or concert tours
  • Exchange with many interesting people who share your passion for music and dance


A highlight at the Aachen location are the regular opera productions at the Theater Aachen, in which the students of the university themselves participate. In addition, young musicians and dancers can be seen time and again in front of large audiences throughout the entire city region with the support of the sponsoring association. Under the heading "Fördern macht Freu(n)de" (Support makes you happy), the Förderverein organizes summer festivals, special concerts, charity events and the annual Cäcilienkonzert.

On the website of the Förderverein you will find more information about our activities and events at the Aachen location.


  • Förderverein der Musikhochschule Aachen e. V.
    c/o Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln, location Aachen
    Theaterplatz 16
    52064 Aachen
    Tel: 0241 475712-15
  • To the website of the Förderverein



Whether in the cathedral, the philharmonic hall or the concert hall, at jazz ensemble evenings or with dance in the studio theater - everywhere in the city, the students are part of Cologne's rich cultural scene. Under the title "Spitzentöne" the chamber music series of the university is created every year with the support of the Förderverein in Cologne. In 2019, the association also launched the Roderburg Opera Prize to promote young opera talent.

You can find more information about our activities and events at the Cologne location on the website of the Friends.



Vocal students can be heard on the Wuppertal stages and the university also regularly plays in the symphony orchestra. At the concerts of the Bergische Gesellschaft für Neue Musik and the Bergische Biennale für Neue Musik, teachers and students are represented with their own contributions. Over the decades, a dense network of private and public sponsors has developed in the city, which is constantly being expanded in cooperation with the university.

The sponsoring association is always happy to welcome new members. But you can also support young music and dance talents with individual donations.


  • Friends of the University of Music in Wuppertal e.V.
    Stadtsparkasse Wuppertal
    IBAN: DE 24 3305 0000 0000 5727 27