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Mission statement and ethical principles

Mission Statement and Code of Conduct

The most important instrument is ourselves

Making music, dancing, learning, developing ideas and realizing art together all have one important prerequisite: that we treat each other with appreciation and respect.

For this purpose, rules and goals for respectful cooperation are laid down in our common mission statement and the Code of Conduct. In addition, we are committed to an annual ethics campaign against all forms of discrimination and abuse of power in all areas of university life.

Appreciative, responsible and with respect - this is how we treat each other at the university. For a free and independent practice of art based on our common passion for music and dance.

To this end, all members of the university are guided by our mission statement:

Because even the quiet tones are precious and because we are stronger in many voices.

Dr. Benjamin Seipel, LfbA LIP Piano and Lecturer at the Cologne site