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One playing leg, one standing leg

Music and dance. Dance and music. "Breadless," say some. "That which holds the world together at its core," say the others.

We don't think we're upsetting anyone when we reveal that we clearly prefer "the others". Nevertheless, behind all our soundproof rehearsal rooms and stages, we don't close our eyes and ears to what awaits our students after HfMT Cologne: a constant balancing act between a passion for art and making a living.

That is why the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz broke away from the traditional soloist training of a conservatory as early as 1927 and found its own path. This path leads - along the musical and dance education - always also into the artistic, pedagogical and scientific professional practice.

Our goal is that every student not only has a degree at the end of their studies, but also an idea in their pocket about how a life with art and from art is possible. In other words: a leg to stand on.

Gebäude am Standort Köln
Orchesterproben im Konzertsaal am Standort Köln
Flur mit grünem Geländer am Standort Köln
Zeigt das Gebäude am Standort Köln
Überhaus am Standort Köln mit gelben Türen und einem Notenständer.
Rote Außenfassade am Standort Köln