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Master of Music -
Voice Song/Concert

With song to the difference.

The master's degree program in Song/Concert at the Cologne University of Music and Dance serves to deepen the artistic training of singers who, after completing their bachelor's degree, wish to dedicate themselves to concert singing in the areas of song and concert (oratorio). In addition to the compulsory singing lessons, a wide range of musical, linguistic and chamber music training is offered. This takes place both in the field of lied, which traditionally has a special status at the university and is represented by the Lied Academy at HfMT Cologne, and for the entire range of the vocal concert repertoire.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact the relevant contact person(s).

Basic information

Degree Master of Music
Period of study 4 Semester
Course begin Wintersemester
ECTS points 120 Credits
Major subjects Barockgesang
Continuing study options Concert exam
Impressions from the study program

Special features of the study

The wide-ranging project, concert and master class activities of the "Liedakademie", in conjunction with the numerous concert opportunities at the HfMT Cologne, offer excellent conditions for the professionalization of the students. In this way, dramaturgical knowledge and skill in putting together their own programs is imparted, as well as practical know-how for the future development of their own projects and classical and innovative concert formats.

Applications are submitted online via the muvac platform. All information on the procedure can be found on our application page.

Admission requirements

  • Proof of a successfully completed Bachelor's degree (or comparable degree) with voice as the main subject.
  • Students who have not graduated from a German-speaking institution must prove that they have sufficient German language skills (min. level A2 according to the European Framework of Reference).
  • Successfully passed aptitude test

Qualifying examination

The aptitude test consists of an artistic-practical examination in the main subject. It lasts about 20 minutes and consists of different tasks. It is possible to contact the main subject teacher directly to arrange an individual consultation. Detailed information can be found in the Qualifying Examination Regulations, especially in the appendix for content requirements and conduct of the examination.

Numerous lecturers specializing in song, mélodie, art song, linguistic and stylistic training, topics ranging from historically informed performance practice to contemporary song and concert repertoire, from poetry to contemporary history, are available. They bring their knowledge and pedagogical experience to the program. In addition, they help build extensive and diverse skills for song and concert and acquire the additional qualifications in music and general education that are indispensable today.
Intensive collaboration with the HfMT's pianistic department and the Lied classes (MM Liedgestaltung/Piano) ensures that students have the opportunity to form Lied duos and develop them to professional artistic maturity through constant exchange and continuous work with their piano partners*.
In the area of vocal chamber music in song and concert, continuous collaboration with all departments also promotes ensemble formation and the development of appropriate literature in chamber music settings.

You can find a list of our lecturers on the following page.

The field of work of today's composers has expanded considerably; in addition to concert music, possible fields of activity include theater, video, installation and performance.
The practical orientation and the intended variety in the course of studies should guarantee that versatile possibilities open up for the composers after graduation. In addition, the students are involved in internal and external projects at an early stage in order to establish a network with musicians, organizers, but also with artists from other fields.
For several years now, the Institute for New Music at HfMT Cologne has been working closely with the Ensemble Musikfabrik. The ensemble's specialized musicians perform new compositions by students in two concerts each year as part of the Adventure cooperation.
The broad and flexible range of educational opportunities allows students to individually shape their studies and career prospects. In many cases, graduates do not work exclusively as composers after graduation. As in other professional fields, composing is rarely limited to one area, but rather requires flexibility and versatility. However, this flexibility is not to be understood in the sense of adaptation, but rather as the ability to shape one's studies and subsequent professional activity independently. Today's composers are not only responsible for their own music, but also for their professional career.

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