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Problems and worries in study

We support you

Time and performance pressure in your studies, financial worries and fears for the future - and on top of that the normal madness of everyday life. It can happen that you are in over your head and don't know what to do next. We support you in getting out of this jungle and offer counseling for your problems and worries.

The Cologne University of Music and Dance also supports those affected by discrimination, abuse of power and sexual harassment through numerous counseling services.

The liaison lecturers were elected by the student parliament and are available to you for all problems concerning your studies. The discussions are strictly confidential and are subject to the obligation of secrecy. You can make an individual appointment according to your needs.
The liaison lecturers are

Location Cologne

Location Aachen

Location Wuppertal

The Central Student Advisory Service is your first point of contact for all questions concerning your studies. The staff members are also available to you as contact persons in case of problems and difficulties during your studies. We support you in solving conflicts or refer you to and accompany you to the right contact persons. You can find more information on the following page.

Office hours

  • by appointment

The psychological counseling of the Cologne Student Union helps you with psychological stress, problems in your studies or personal crises. Topics for confidential discussions in a protected setting can include:

  • Contact difficulties
  • Exam nerves
  • partnership problems
  • personal crises
  • study stress
  • problems with the university, lecturers or your instrument
  • learning and work disorders
  • depressed mood
  • illnesses