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PhD projects

Current doctoral projects

  • Dwayne Holliday: "Learning Artistic Research".
  • Ulrike Nestler: "Dancing Contemporaneity in Urban South Africa: Johannesburg and Beyond".
  • Marisa Berg: "Digital Cultures of Learning Dance. Collective knowledge production and repertoire building in communities of practice of dancers" (working title).
  • Anna Chwialkowska: "Situated Knowledge in Contemporary Dance. An ethnographic study of the creation and transmission of knowledge"
  • Yanru Liu: "Dancing in the Public Space: Memory, Subjectivity, and Modernization."
  • Dr. des. Miriam Althammer: "Scenarios of Transition. Body and Movement Stories in Contemporary Dance of Southeastern Europe between Institution and Artistic Practice"
  • Gabriele Wittmann: "Performative writing as an instrument of analysis for contemporary dance"
  • Dr. Katarina Kleinschmidt: "Artistic Research as a Knowledge Structure. A praxeology of rehearsal in contemporary dance"
  • Dr. Taiya Mikisch: "Global Bodies - Constitutions of Globality through Dance Practices in Germany."