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Symposia & Conferences

Digitalities and Ecologies in the Field of Dance" | "(Virtual) Ecologies in the Field of Dance

The Center for Contemporary Dance hosts, conceives and organizes this year's annual conference of the Society for Dance Research - in cooperation with the German Dance Archive Cologne, and with the collaboration of the Sociology of Movement and Sport at the University of Marburg and the Department of Animation and Time-Based Practices at the École de Recherche Graphique Brussels.

  • Symposium of the Society for Dance Research in cooperation with the Center for Contemporary Dance.
  • October 27-29, 2023
  • to the event

Ecologies on the Move! With its dual focus on digitalities and ecologies, the 2023 annual symposium of the Gesellschaft für Tanzforschung (gtf) inquires into the influence and efficacies of the often hybrid media-centered constellations that emerge around dance and dancing. AI in the performative arts, digital cultures of mediation, or an understanding of dance as a data (structure) in archiving make us ask: What practices, discourses, and aesthetics have emerged socially, technically, artistically with and since digitization - and in the aftermath of the pandemic - and how can we research and move with them? What collaborative forms of working together are opened up by digital media? And how can dance(s) be thought of as an ecological structure, especially under these auspices?

The conference addresses such questions on- and offline in lectures, workshops and motion labs. Scrolling, speculating, discussing and always in motion, we want to take a look at historical antecedents in the confrontation between dance and technology as well as reflect on changing settings and ways of working and collective knowledge production. And ask how - starting from an understanding of dance as embedded in socio-ecological structures - media dispositives of staging, (colonial) power structures and hierarchies can be critically reflected in the digital context.
The theoretical contributions of renowned international speakers deal with choreographies and dramaturgies of the digital, practices of archiving, narratives (out of) the crisis, technologies of mediation or the productivity of the figure of thought of 'ecologies' for (dance) theory and practice. The physical-experimental formats wander 'hands on' through virtual landscapes, for example, or bring bodies and avatars into conversation with each other.

The symposium thus sees itself as a meeting place for interdisciplinary scientific and artistic expertise and, with the participation of numerous cooperation partners and "NFDI4Culture", explicitly invites the sharing of knowledge and networks.

April 2023

  • Symposium"form/RELAY/content - a Symposium on Artistic Material in Music and Dance": form/RELAY/content brings artistic and scientific contributions and formats on (artistic) material in music and dance into dialog with each other. With performances, lectures, dance- and sound-based formats, feed-forward and feedback moments as well as talks, the event negotiates the topic of "Content/RELAY/Form" from the perspective of dance and music. To the program of the symposium.

November 2019

  • Transposium: In response to the exhibition "HERE AND NOW at Museum Ludwig. Transcorporealities", the Center for Contemporary Dance unfolds further perspectives on transcorporeality with a one-day transposium. Performances, artistic research formats and scientific research from the fields of dance, performance and sociology will be brought into dialog.

November 2018

  • Symposium "Music/Dance: Transformative Practices": The interdisciplinary symposium deals with the relationship between music and dance, especially in relation to practices that generate, utilize or result in transformative states (trance, ecstasy, meditation, etc.).

May 2018

  • Symposium "Body Feedback Education": The interdisciplinary symposium brings together lectures, discussions, workshops, co-teaching and open-sharing formats to negotiate the nexus of body feedback education theoretically and performatively in concrete practices of moving, reflecting and doing feedback.

August 2016

  • Conference on "Avant-garde dance around the Judson Dance Theater and its relationship to music", in cooperation with the Beethoven Fest Bonn 2016 and the Philharmonie Köln.

July 2014

  • 6th Choreography - Conference: "Choreography and Imagination" at the Center for Contemporary History of the HfMT in cooperation with the Theaterwissenschaftliche Sammlung of the University of Cologne (Schloss Wahn), funded by the Rhein-Energie-Stiftung.

May 2012

  • Symposium on Yvonne Rainer: "Intermediale Konstellationen", in cooperation with the Museum Ludwig, Cologne as part of an exhibition on Yvonne Rainer sponsored by the Thyssen Foundation

July 2011

  • 5th Choreography Conference: "Choreography-Gender-Media" at the Center for Contemporary Dance in Cologne, in cooperation with the Academy of Media Arts Cologne (Prof. Dr. Marie-Luise Angerer), supported by the Rhein-Energie Foundation and funds from the Commission for Equal Opportunities at the HfMT

May 2010

4th Choreography Conference: "Choreography and Institution" at the Center for Contemporary Dance, HfMT on the topic: Choreography and Institution, in cooperation with Friederike Lampert, funded by Tanzpan Germany.