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To transfer late fees, please use the following account details:

Account (reason for payment is NECESSARY):
Account holder: Landeshauptkasse NRW Düsseldorf
IBAN: DE59 3005 0000 0001 6835 15
Purpose: 7654000000036016 + library loan no. (see 6-digit number on the back of the student or service card)

If you cannot find a title in our collection, you are welcome to suggest it for purchase. Forms are available in the library. You can also find an online form in KatalogPlus. After checking the item, we will acquire it and notify you as soon as it is ready for loan.

Changes of address no longer need to be communicated to the library. Please inform the Student Administration Office.

You can also change your address details yourself via the LSF (via the homepage) at Student Services.
You will find the access data in your student handbook.


Head: Andrea Ciocchetti (deputy: Eva Schubert)

Unter Krahnenbäumen 87
50668 Cologne
Tel.: 0221/28 38 0-922


Contact: Monika Steup-Thiemann

Theaterplatz 16
52062 Aachen
Tel.: 0221/28 380-405
and 0221/28 380-406 (circulation desk)


Contact: Janine Ufer

Sedanstr. 15
42275 Wuppertal
Tel.: 0221/28 380-605

Center for Contemporary Dance

Contact: Ursula Albrecht

Turmstr. 3-5
50733 Cologne
Tel.: 0221/28 380-205
and 0221/28 380-210 (lending desk ZZT)


Please do not carry out repairs to books and sheet music yourself. Commercially available adhesive tape is very damaging to paper in the long term. Please check your media for damage before borrowing.

We have a bookcase that can be accessed and filled at will. Location: next to the photocopier in the library.


You can borrow and return your ordered media at the circulation desk. Please make sure that you return the borrowed items within the deadlines (see loan periods) and in full.

Your student or staff ID card automatically gives you access to the library system. Your login details correspond to your university account.

Citavi is a reference management program for Microsoft Windows.
Citavi can be used at the library's two internet workstations.


Various databases can be used within the library network. These include DigiBib, RILM, the Bibliography of Music Literature Online, Oxford Music Online (New Grove), Naxos Library, nkoda and the journals available via JSTOR .
You can find an overview here.

These can also be used from home via VPN access.

You can access further selected databases via DigiBib.

Please also note our range of e-books (DeGruyter (from outside via VPN), Preselect(via VPN)) outside the catalog.

The Database Information System (DBIS) is a cooperative service for the use of scientific databases. It is used as a user service in 302 libraries.
DBIS comprises 11447 entries. Of these, 4720 databases are freely available via the Internet.
DBIS lists databases whose content can be searched using a search function.


To be able to use full-text e-books and other databases licensed by us from home, you need VPN access. Instructions can be foundat here.

You can search for e-books via the KatalogPlus . Many of the e-books purchased and licensed for the HfMT library are available on the ProQuest Ebook Central platform. To be able to read these e-books, you have to register (free of charge) once in the User Portal. Instructions can be found here.

Further offers: DeGruyter (from outside via VPN), Preselect (via VPN)

We are part of the E-Books.NRW initiative. Over 110,000 e-books from the publishers de Gruyter, Bloomsbury, Hanser, etc. are available to university members free of charge! You can access these via our own online catalog online catalog.

You can use Eduroam in the library rooms.
You can find instructions on how to do this via ILIAS.

To de-register, you need a signature from the library to prove that you no longer have any obligations to the library. Simply come to the circulation desk during opening hours and present us with the relevant form from the Student Administration Office.
Or send an e-mail to to request confirmation that you no longer have any fees or loans.

External users can use the library under the conditions stated in the fee schedule. Please note our ordering and opening hours (see also ordering and collection times). Items can only be removed from the reference library during the opening hours of the circulation desk.



At the beginning of each semester, introductions to the use of the library in Cologne take place. The exact dates and times are announced on the notice board on site and on the library's homepage.


If you have any questions about the library, the catalogs or the collection, please contact the staff at the circulation desk or the library team. You can also contact us by telephone or e-mail.

Our library does not participate in the national interlibrary loan system. However, interlibrary loan requests are possible at the City and University Library, the Cologne City Library or the Catholic University of Applied Sciences (Wörthstr. 10). Please inform yourself about the conditions on the following websites: (free library cards are available here)


The KatalogPlus (discovery system) is based on the DigiBib IntrOX system of the NRW University Library Center.
All of the library's resources - its own and licensed - can be searched centrally here.
Books, articles, sheet music, sound recordings, printed and electronic, including full texts available online, can be searched using a single search query.
In many cases, the document in the respective resource can be accessed directly from the results list.
Faceted browsing allows the search to be narrowed down step by step.


University members use their student or service ID card as their user ID. External users receive their own user ID card when they register.

If you need performance material for a performance that can only be borrowed from the publisher, please fill out the form provided by the library in advance. Or write an e-mail to


The following loan periods apply to borrowed media:

CDs: 2 weeks/renewal possible three times

Records: 2 weeks/renewal possible three times

DVDs, CD-ROMs, videos: 2 weeks/renewal possible three times

Magazines: 2 weeks/no extension possible

Books: 4 weeks/renewal possible three times

Sheet music: 8 weeks/renewal possible three times

Total issues: 1 day/no renewal possible

You can borrow a total of 40 items at a time. However, please only order a maximum of 15 items per day.


In addition to the main library in Cologne, there are branch libraries in Aachen (signatures A-...), Wuppertal (signatures W-...) and at the Centre for Contemporary Dance/Turmstraße (signatures T-...). All media can also be sent to the desired locations for collection. If the same items are in several libraries, please order the one at your location first.

If the borrowed medium is lost, it must be replaced. This also applies to supplements such as voices, CDs, etc. Please inform us of the loss immediately so that we can avoid any reminder fees.


The library currently obtains over 100 journals. A selection of the current issues is on display in the reference library. Journals from the current year can be borrowed from the circulation desk on a daily basis on presentation of a library card. Older volumes can be ordered in the normal way and borrowed for 14 days.



In order to borrow books and other media, you must order them in advance (max. 15 media/day). You can either click on the "Order" button directly in KatalogPlus under the full display of the title or you can write the relevant signatures with your name on a piece of paper and put it in the gray box in the vestibule of the library. Please give preference to ordering titles from your location. Another option is to send us an e-mail at stating the relevant signatures.


During the lecture period

Order until collection from
9.00 a.m. 9.30 a.m.
12.30 p.m. 13.30 hrs
1.30 hrs (except Fri) 2.30 hrs (except Fri)
3.30 hrs (Mon and Thu only)4.00 hrs (Mon and Thu only) (currently not available)

During the semester break

Order until collection from
11.00 h 12.00 h
13.00 h 13.30 h
14.00 h (except Fri) 14.30 h (except Fri)


The performance material can only be borrowed complete, i.e. with all parts. You can recognize them by the signatures A and C. The loan periods for performance material are the same as for other sheet music. Please note: If material is required for an in-house concert, it must be returned to the library after it has been reclaimed.

In our studio, you can listen to music from our collection or via streaming services and use various multimedia applications. We provide you with 3 PCs, 3 Macs and 2 A3 scanners for this purpose. The following software can be used: Office 2011, Acrobat Prof., Photoshop, music software Sibelius and Capella.
You can access further recordings via the NAXOS Music Library.
You also have Internet access in the playback room, which you can use to access our database .

You can print documents and other items using the computers in the playback room. You can obtain printouts by saving your documents on a USB stick and then printing them out on the photocopier. Copies cost EUR 0.05 per page.


You will be reminded to return or renew your borrowed items three days before the loan period expires.

After the loan period has expired, all users will receive a reminder and will incur fees(late fees). A second and a third reminder will follow if the reminder is ignored.
Please note: Reminder fees are also incurred if reminders and reminders cannot be delivered due to an outdated address/e-mail address or for technical reasons.

Titles that are on loan can be reserved.
You can check this directly when ordering in KatalogPlus. You will receive a message when the item has been returned.


The total holdings of the library of the University of Music and Dance, including all branches, consist of 150,000 pieces of sheet music, 48,000 music books, 106 current journal subscriptions and over 19,000 AV media.


By registering, you accept the rules of use that apply here. These can be viewed on the notice board in the entrance hall of the library or on the library's homepage.


To save or print documents, USB sticks are available for borrowing at the circulation desk

Information and help on how to use it can be found here.

To log in to KatalogPlus, use your university account (hfmt e-mail address + password)

The user account can be viewed online. To do this, log in to KatalogPlus with your loan number and password (DDMMYYYYY) to get an overview of your loans and orders and, if necessary, renew them.


All students and lecturers can access our licensed services from home via the university's VPN access as well as via W-LAN in the university network. We offer access to numerous databases (e.g. Naxos Library, Oxford Music Online), e-books and e-journals. You can find the VPN instructions in Ilias.


All members of the university can use the HfMT WLAN network in the library.

The library has 12 workstations in the reading room, 1 group work desk, 4 computer workstations for research in KatalogPlus and 2 additional computer workstations with Internet access in the entrance area. 6 computer workstations are available in the playback room for the use of music notation programs, among other things.