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Research focus

Our research focus

The scientific professors of the Cologne University of Music and Dance work on numerous research projects, the results of which are made available to the scientific community and the interested public. Currently, the focus is on the following research areas:

Opera and music theater, music and cultural history of the early modern and modern periods, music history of Italy and France, gender studies, postcolonial studies, theory and history of popular music; music history of Prague between 1918 and 1938, interfaces between science and artistic practice, scientific edition projects.

  • History of Afrodiasporic music, analysis and methodological research of popular music, educational processes in popular cultures.
  • Content and goal definition of music learning, individual concepts of music teachers, evaluation of learning processes in singing and music making, intercultural music education, lifelong learning, early music education

Dance research at the Center for Contemporary Dance is interdisciplinary. The research focuses range from critical historical research to body, knowledge and mediation cultures in dance.

  • Health research, therapeutic outcome analysis and comparative resilience research, vocal physiology and resonant space anatomy.
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Prof. Dr. Arnold Jacobshagen
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