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FAQ about the application process

FAQ about the application process

In order to apply through muvac, you need to do the following things:

  1. Create a profile
    Deposit personal information, upload documents, select correct expertise (instrument).
  2. Go through the application process
    Within the process, you can include the documents that you have previously uploaded in your profile.
    Documents can also be added later.

Only when at the end you see the message "Congratulations. Your application has been sent.", the process is finished.

No, caching is not possible. If you interrupt the application process, you have to start from the beginning. Only documents can be added afterwards.

Yes, within 2 hours after sending, the withdrawal of the application is possible. After that, please contact us studiensekretariat(at)hfmt-koeln(dot)de.

Yes, it is possible to apply for different study programs. If necessary, you have to adjust the "Expertise" (instrument) in your muvac profile.

If you have to submit video files as part of a digital pre-selection, please upload your video files via muvac so that these video files can be reviewed by the commissions. The video files must be uploaded via muvac by 01.03.2024 at the latest.

Yes, documents can either be uploaded to your own muvac profile before starting the application process and then directly included in the application process or subsequently added after clicking through the application process. Please note the deadlines until when the subsequent submission is possible!

No, the application process at HfMT Cologne runs exclusively online via the muvac platform. Applications submitted by mail cannot be considered.

muvac is originally a platform for job offers in the field of music, hence the term vacancy (= free job to be filled). In the application process, each degree program to which you can apply at HfMT Cologne corresponds to its own vacancy.

All degree programs offered must be assigned to a so-called "expertise" in muvac. An expertise is a specific instrument. This allows all relevant offers for a specific instrument to be displayed in a filtered manner on the muvac website under the menu item "Vacancies".
When you create a profile in muvac, you must select an expertise. You can then only apply to degree programs that require this expertise.
Example: You would like to apply for the Bachelor of music Violin. Then you select the expertise "Violin". If you then also want to apply for the Bachelor of music Percussion at the same time, you must first change the expertise to "Percussion" in your muvac profile.