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Master of Music Piano

Master of Music - Piano

The two-year Master of Music programme in Piano enhances the skills acquired during a Bachelor’s Degree and enables graduates to explore the range of options available to professional pianists and find a role that best matches their individual skill set.  

 Particular importance is placed on developing well-rounded musicians and the Master’s programme focuses in large part on the student’s performance ability as a pianist.  

General Information

  • Academic degree: Master of Music
  • Duration of degree program: 4 semesters (2 years)
  • Start of program: Winter semester
  • Degree requirements: 120 ECTS credits
  • Major: piano
  • Graduate program: Concert Exam

The application takes place online via the muvac platform. You can find all the information about the procedure on our Application page.

Admission Requirements

  • Proof of having successfully completed a four-year Bachelor’s Degree in Piano Performance or other comparable degree from a conservatoire, university or equivalent institution.
  • For non-German-speaking applicants, proof of a language certificate at level A2 (based on the European Reference Framework for Languages) is also required.
  • Successful completion of the entrance examination.

Entrance examination

The entrance examination consists of a practical performance test in piano as the candidate’s main subject (duration: up to 20 minutes).

Detailed information can be found in the Entrance Examination Regulations, particularly in section 5: Content Requirements and Examination Format.

For practical courses, we recommend that candidates contact their chosen subject tutor in good time. They will be happy to advise candidates individually.


  • Prof. Pierre-Laurent Aimard, Klavier
  • Prof. Sheila Arnold, Klavier

  • Prof. Gesa Lücker, Klavier

  • Prof. Claudio Martinez-Mehner, Klavier

  • Prof. Dr. Florence Millet, Klavier

  • Prof. Fabian Müller, Klavier
Prof. Anthony Spiri, Klavier-Kammermusik

Artistic staff

  • Prof. Paulo Alvares, Klavier, Improvisation, Klavierpraxis

  • Prof. Cristian Beldi, Klavier-Kammermusik
Jan Ehnes, Klavier, Liedgestaltung, Klavierpraxis

  • Dorothea Eppendorf, Klavier

  • Prof. Andreas Frölich, Klavier

  • Robert Kulek, Klavier-Kammermusik
Jee-Young Phillips, Klavier, Kammermusik

  • Katarina Schutzius, Klavierdidaktik



  • Prof. Dr. Florence Millet
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    Fachbereich 1
    Bachelor Klavier
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    Master Klavier Standort