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Master of Music Jazz / Pop instrumental/vocal

Master of Music - Jazz/Pop instrumental/vocal

The master’s program for instrumental subjects (including voice) is a two-year, specialization program. The program is designed for 5 to 10 (max.) select students and focuses on furthering the concept of personalization first introduced during the bachelor’s degree program.

General Information

  • Academic degree: Master of Music
  • Duration of degree program: 4 semesters (2 years)
  • Start of program: Winter semester
  • Degree requirements: 120 ECTS credits
  • Major: e-bass, flute, vocal performance, guitar, improvisation, clarinet, double
  • bass, piano, trombone, saxophone, drums, singer/songwriter, trumpet, violin

The application takes place online via the muvac platform. You can find all the information about the procedure on our Application page.

Admission Requirement

  • Succesfully passed study program (Bachelor or diploma)  in Jazz/Pop
  • Proof of a german language certificate "European reference" level A2 for nonGerman-speaking applicants.
  • Succesfully passed aptitude test.

Aptitude Test

The application process consists of three steps: registration, pre-screening, and audition.   

  1. The first step of the application is to register at the Registrar’s Office. 
  2. The second step is a prescreening of an audiovisual recording made by the applicant. The recording must be submitted online via a URL. (Please no CDs or DVDs.) The prescreening decides which applicants are invited to audition in person. Live recordings are preferred. Audio quality should be high, but video need only serve a documentary function. The URL for the recording should be submitted to the Registrar’s Office together with the other application materials.  
  3. Applicants who pass the pre-screening will be invited to the third step of the application: the live audition.

In the first part of the audition, applicants perform a concert with their own ensemble for a maximum of 20 minutes. Applicants are free to select the repertoire themselves.

The second part of the audition is an interview in which applicants are asked about the statement of purpose they submitted with their application. The statement of purpose is a brief essay in which applicants must describe their goals and how they will meet these goals at the HfMT – including the instructors with whom they want to study, the resources they intend to use, and the courses they plan to take, both in their main area of study as well as in other disciplines. Applicants are advised to familiarise themselves with the course catalog before writing their statements of purpose. 

The statement of purpose should be submitted to the Registrar’s Office along with the application form.


Students work in a customized program with the assistance of a faculty advisor. The program provides:

  • Instruction with multiple and, if requested, rotating instructors in their major
  • Various opportunities during the program to perform with the University or outside whether at concerts, using the University’s own studio/music label to produce sound recordings, or conducting University or outside ensembles
  • In close collaboration with their advisors, students can benefit from the knowledge of every faculty member. It is possible to create courses specifically for the students or to alter existing courses to meet the students’ needs, provided that the necessary department resources are available



Stage Presence 

  • Marja van den Berk 




Vocal Performance 



Double bas 






  • Thorsten Neubert 


Theory and Harmony´

Pop Practice 

Pop Theory 

Combo: There is a wide range of Combos/Ensembles, which are organised as weekly or block events by the lecturers. You can find the current offers in the course catalogue.

Lectures are: 

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