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Master of Music Composition / Arrangement (Jazz)

Master of Music Composition / Arrangement (Jazz)

The Composition/Arrangement program is a non-consecutive, specialized two-year master’s program. A Bachelor of Music in an instrument or a Bachelor of Music in voice or an equivalent degree such as a diploma is an admission requirement.

The program shapes the students’ individual sound vocabulary and personal styles, as well expanding their technical skills and craftsmanship. The goal is to enable students to position themselves as artists in today’s music scene while also understanding traditional concepts.

Besides courses for the major, the program also includes obligatory courses in ensemble conducting/conducting and instrumentation.

General Information

  • Academic degree: Master of Music
  • Duration of degree program: 4 semesters (2 years)
  • Start of program: Winter semester
  • Degree requirements: 120 ECTS credits
  • Major: Composition / Arrangement

The application takes place online via the muvac platform. You can find all the information about the procedure on our Application page.

Admission Requirements

  • Successful completion of a Bachelor’s Degree or other comparable qualification in a related subject is required.
  • For non-German-speaking applicants, proof of a language certificate at level A2 (based on the European Reference Framework for Languages) is also required.
  • Successful completion of the entrance examination

Entrance examination

What we expect in the entrance examination:

Submission of at least three compositions, scored for different instrumentation (please submit these in advance!); Audio recordings of the arrangements; Ad-hoc solution of a technical arrangement task, where appropriate (written test); Discussion of the submitted scores.

Detailed information can be found in the Entrance Examination Regulations, particularly in section 5: Content Requirements and Examination Format.

For practical courses, we recommend that candidates contact their chosen subject tutor in good time. They will be happy to advise candidates individually.


The translation will follow as soon as possible.

The two-year Master’s programme only has a small number of mandatory courses, including ensemble conducting and instrumentation. Students are expected to explore a full range of tonal colours and language and, in close consultation with their main subject tutors, are able to put together their own, individualised timetables that draw from the entire range of courses offered at the University. However, tutors will make recommendations for students’ course plans to help them achieve set study goals.



  • Siggi Koepf
  • Frank Reinshagen
  • Prof. Florian Ross

Stage Presence

  • Marja van den Berk


  • Prof. Jonas Burgwinkel
  • Alfonso Garrido
  • Roland Höppner
  • Michael Küttner
  • Alex Vesper

E -Bass

  • Marius Goldhammer
  • Martin Zänder

Vocal Performance

  • Prof. Anette von Eichel
  • Anne Hartkamp
  • Eva Mayerhofer
  • Alexandra Naumann
  • David Rynkowski
  • Susanne Schneider
  • Simin Tander


  • Ian Griffiths
  • Prof. Frank Haunschild
  • Jörg Lehnardt
  • Stephan Scheuss
  • Bruno Müller


  • Marlies Debacker
  • Jürgen Friedrich
  • Hubert Nuß
  • Florian Ross
  • Benjamin Schaefer
  • Andreas Schnermann
  • Prof. Hendrik Soll
  • Sebastian Sternal
  • Detlef Strüwe

Double Bass


  • Prof. Henning Berg
  • Max von Einem


  • Frank Gratkowski
  • Roger Hanschel
  • Prof. Nils Klein
  • Theresia Philipp
  • Claudius Valk


  • Reinhard Kobialka


  • Matthias Bergmann
  • Prof. Andi Haderer


  • Thorsten Neubert


  • Axel Lindner

Theory und Harmony

  • Hendrika Entzian
  • Siggi Koepf
  • Frank Reinshagen
  • Sebastian Sternal
  • Prof. Joachim Ullrich
  • Dietmar Fuhr
  • Prof. Michael Küttner
  • Roland Höppner
  • Jörg Lehnardt
  • Alfonso Garrido

Pop Practice

  • Jennifer Gerdts
  • Prof. Jono Podmore

Pop Theory

  • Prof. Dr. Michael Rappe

Combo: There is a wide range of Combos/Ensembles, which are organised as weekly or block events by the lecturers. You can find the current offers in the course catalogue.
Lectures are:

  • Shannon Barnett
  • Matthias Bergmann
  • Marlies Debacker
  • Franck, Hinrich
  • Garrido, Alfonso
  • Gramss, Sebastian
  • Gratkowski, Frank
  • Marius Goldhammer
  • Hanschel, Roger
  • Haunschild, Frank
  • Hopkins, Chris
  • Lehnardt, Jörg
  • Mayerhofer, Eva
  • Naumann, Alexandra
  • Neuser, Henning
  • Theresia Philipp
  • Podmore, Jono
  • Reinshagen, Frank
  • Ross, Florian
  • Scheuss, Stefan
  • Schneider, Susanne
  • Soll, Hendrik
  • Simin Tander
  • Valk, Claudius
  • von Eichel, Anette

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