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General Music Teaching Program

The versatility of the degree programme

The teacher training courses cover a wide range of subjects, which together combine individual and group tuition on various instruments and voice, music theory, as well as musicology and music education. As the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln is a large institution, students are free to choose courses that consider a range of musical genres, theories and practices. The current list of courses on offer can be found in the student regulations and in the course catalogue.

Both the Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes benefit from our partnership with the University of Cologne, which offers students the chance to take a second subject taught there.

Since the winter semester 2020/21, music can also be studied as a third subject (extension subject).

Instruments available as main subjects in teaching studies

All instruments taught at the University can be taken as main subjects for performance courses. Students may choose from a range of instruments, including voice, and specialise in “classical” music or jazz/rock/pop performance. For the “Music Teaching Qualification” and “Vocational College Teaching” tracks, students may also choose to focus their studies on Lied composition/improvisation/score realisation/ensemble leadership (with both vocal and instrumental options) or composition. More detailed information about the possible options is available in the Entrance Examination Regulations. Information is also available on the range of subjects and points of contact for each programme (see downloads).

Information for students in their first semester:

The university runs a programme for first semester students called "Erstsemester-Navi" that provides all the information needed to help students who are starting to prepare for their second subject and education courses.

Students can access the programme through the following link.

The translation will follow as soon as possible.

Degree Map Bachelor of Arts

Degree Map Master of Education

Module Certificates Bachelor of Arts

Module Certificates Master of Education

Module Manual Bachelor of Arts

Module Manual Master of Education

Information on examination regulations and proof of records Bachelor of Arts / Master of Education

Internship Bachelor of Arts

More Information and Documents

Abilgaard, Peer Prof. Dr., Musikermedizin

Bechtel, Dirk, Schulpraktische Studien

Bien, Fabian, Dr., Schulpraktische Studien

Boecker, Dagmar, Sprecherziehung

Buyken, Evelyn, Dr., Musikwissenschaft

Buyken, Stephanie, Musikpädagogik und Schulpraktische Studien

Dijkstra, Peter, Prof., Chorleitung

Dyllick, Nina, Schulpraktische Studien

Ebrecht M.A., Jörg, Dr., Historische Musikwissenschaft

Gemmer, Laurenz, LIP-Klavier

Geuen, Heinz, Prof. Dr., Musikpädagogik

Giesen, Thomas, LIP-Klavier

Görg, Stephan, Prof., LIP-Klavier

Göstl, Robert, Prof., Kinderchorleitung

Greifenberg, Thomas, Schulpraktische Studien

Heesch, Florian, Prof. Dr., Historische Musikwissenschaft

Hölker, Benedikt, Schulpraktische Studien

Jacobshagen, Arnold, Prof. Dr., Historische Musikwissenschaft

Kraus, Beate Angelika, Dr. Musikwissenschaft, Kirchenmusikgeschichte

Laufer, Daniela, Dr., Musikpädagogik

Lehmann, Anke, Sprecherziehung

Löhr, Monika, Schulpraktische Studien

Löschner, W.-Hendrik, Schulpraktische Studien

Meine, Sabine, Prof. Dr., Historische Musikwissenschaft

Menke, Ulrich, Orchesterleitung

Metternich, Eberhard, Chorleitung

Metzler, Angela, Sprecherziehung

Meuther, Jörg, Stimmbildung

Meyer, Claudia, Prof. Dr., Musikpädagogik

Neuhoff, Hans, Prof. Dr., Systematische Musikwissenschaft

Niessen, Anne, PD Dr. , Musikpädagogik

Nonnenmann, Rainer, Dr., Historische Musikwissenschaft

Plate, David, Computerrecording

Plate, Sebastian, LIP-Klavier

Pott, Sebastian, Percussion

Rappe, Michael, Prof. Dr., Poptheorie

Reif, Michael, Chorleitung

Riedel, Klaus, Musikpädagogik

Rixen, Martin, LIP-Klavier

Rohde, Frank, Musikpädagogik

Sanders, Olaf, PD Dr., Pädagogik

Schmidt, André, LIP-Gitarre, Jazz-Arr.

Schneider, Jan, Bigband-Leitung

Schomerus, Hilko, Percussion

Schuhenn, Reiner, Prof., Chorleitung

Schwagers, Tom, Ensembleleitung Jazz/Rock/Pop

Seipel, Benny, LIP-Klavier

Sohn, Erik, Prof., Chorleitung Jazz/Rock/Pop 

Spindler, Regina, Sprecherziehung

Stöger, Christine, Prof. Dr., Musikpädagogik

Tenhagen, Andrea, Schulpraktische Studien

Terhag, Jürgen, Prof. Dr., Musikpädagogik

Tiedemann, Gunther, Streicher-Bigband

Vogel, Corinna, Prof. Dr., Bewegung / Tanz - Elementare Musikpädagogik

Vollmer, Ulrike, Schulpraktische Studien

Willms, Christiane, Sprecherziehung

Winnen, Andreas, Orchesterleitung

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The Office will help you if you have questions on your study program of General Music Teaching.


Frederik Bock, Lukas Föhrenbacher, Linda Kruse

Mail: lehramt-musik(at)hfmt-koeln(dot)de
Tel.: 0221 / 912818-1356

Office hours

Im Wintersemester 2017/18

  • Mo, 16.00 - 18.00 Uhr
  • Mi, 11.00 - 13.00 Uhr
  • Do, 10.00 - 12.00 Uhr

You will find the Office on the 5th Floor at the  Wissenschaftszentrum (WIZ) (Dagobertstraße 72 ). You can open the door downstairs with your Student ID-Card.