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Enrolment and student handbook

Once you have received the letter of admission for your degree course, you need to enrol (register) at the university. Enrolment forms can be obtained from the Student Administration Office.

Once you have submitted all the enrolment forms, you can pick up your student handbook, at the latest one week before your course begins, from the Student Administration Office. Please make an appointment with the Student Secretariat.

Student Handbook

The student handbook is important for the smooth running of your degree course!

To help your degree course to get off to a successful start, you will find the following in your student handbook:

·         your Semester Ticket (NRW ticket),

·         your access details for the online Student Information Service portal (LSF) including instructions,

·         your access details to a university e-mail address (e-mail account) including an information sheet with all the relevant details, 

·         proof of your enrolment and

·         an overview of the different types of examination. 

In addition to this, the student handbook also contains all the relevant documents you will need for your degree course. For example, you will find our examination rules and study schedule, as well as the attendance confirmation sheets for your course.

Attendance confirmation sheets

These attendance confirmation sheets will help to give you orientation during your degree course. Furthermore, at the end of each lecture period, the teaching staff must confirm your attendance at the lecture in question by means of a signature. Successfully completed study credits and module examinations are also required to be entered on these sheets and are to be confirmed through the signature of the examiner.

The completed attendance confirmation sheets are to be submitted to the Examinations Office so that your performance can be recorded.

The staff at the Examinations Office is available to help you during their office opening hours and they are happy to answer any questions you may have on examination rules, study schedule and attendance confirmation sheets.