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Professionalisation module

The Professionalisation module is targeted at all students, no matter which semester they are in, and aims to integrate a range of important subject areas from the professional world into the degree programmes. The lecture series focuses on individual aspects of professional practice and acts as a foundation, introducing students to the course. Through a variety of different formats, including lectures, seminars and workshops, the course offers a range of insights into the following key subject areas:

  • The music market
  • Project financing
  • Protections
  • Law
  • Project management
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Coaching
  • Communications
  • Concert production
  • Profile development
  • Application skills

In each winter semester, the course also addresses a new topic that draws on current issues in the industry and student interests.

The lectures and seminars offered as part of the Professionalisation module can be registered for credit. One credit point can be registered per 9 hours of contact time. Updated information is available with each new semester flyer (see downloads). As a rule, it is not usually necessary to register for the course in advance.

 We hope that you find the course interesting and look forward to a productive exchange of ideas.


  • Maika Dübler
    Akkreditierungsverfahren, Vorlesungs- und Personenverzeichnis, Gremienwahlen, Deutschlandstipendien Standort
  • Rebekka Smolibowski-Fuchs
    Wissenschaftliche Referentin, Referentin für die Akquise und Entwicklung von Drittmitteln, Leiterin des Künstlerservice StartLive Standort

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