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Practice ID Card and Practice Rooms

There are practice rooms available for students in the practice building on the Cologne site, spread across two floors and equipped with grand pianos or upright pianos.  Practice schedules and rules are organised by the HfMT Cologne General Students' Committee (AStA).

Rooms can be reserved for practice both in the practice building and in the main building of the university. There are two different systems in place for booking the rooms.

Booking a practice room in the practice building (Cologne site)

There is an online booking system for booking a room in the practice building and you will need to register for this at the beginning of your degree course. Please register for this system using your enrolment number and your date of birth (DD.MM.YYYY) as a password, at the following link: https:\\

You are advised to change your password after registration.

You have a monthly allowance of 40 hours. Rooms can only be booked up to a maximum of 7 days in advance of the requested practice date. On account of the limited capacity of the practice building, please be sure to declare reserved rooms free for use by your fellow students if you are not able to use the room after all. In the case of a cancellation up to 4 hours in advance, you will be credited with the full hour's allowance again. In the case of cancellation up to 10 minutes beforehand, only a half an hour.  Unused practice time allowance is lost at the end of each month and cannot be carried forward into the next month.

You can find full details under the link below.

Booking a practice room in the main building (Cologne site)

All students can obtain a Practice ID card in the Support Office. You will need to show a valid Student ID card and supply a passport photo. With this Practice ID card, students can make a reservation at the gate for any teaching rooms in the main building which are not currently in use. To make a booking, students can enter their names with the gatekeeper on the list of main building rooms every 3 hours (in each case, 20 minutes before the start of the practice period) Students are to leave their Practice ID card with the gatekeeper for this period and can then pick it up again afterwards.

To be valid, the Practice ID card must be stamped at the beginning of every new semester in the Support Office, and students will be required to show a valid Student ID card for the new semester.