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As a student on a Bachelor of Music* or Master of Music for Orchestra Instruments degree course, it is a mandatory requirement that you play in the university orchestra. 

Prerequisites for your final qualification are

  • for the Bachelor degree, 21 ECTS Points
  • for the Master  degree, 9 ECTS points

In the winter semester, there are generally 3 university orchestra phases. For each phase in which you successfully play in the orchestra, you will receive 1.5 ECTS points, this means that participating in 2 projects results in the awarding of 3 ECTS points.

In the summer semester, there are generally 2 university orchestra phases.

  • for the opera, you receive 3 ECTS Points
  • for the second orchestra phase, 1.5 ECTS points

Ms Gavazi will issue an Orchestra Pass to each student, on which all orchestra phases which you have taken part in will be documented, along with the ECTS points earned.

For any questions and further information, please contact: orchesterbuero(at)hfmt-koeln(dot)de

* Bachelor of Music brass instruments; Bachelor of Music woodwind instruments; Bachelor of Music string instruments; Bachelor of Music drums/timpani; Bachelor of Music harp