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Registration for examinations

Applications for admission to the special module examinations  (bes.MP) of bachelor and master degree programmes (core module, bachelor thesis, master thesis), as well as for the final examinations of the study programme "Konzertexamen" (concert exam) have to be submitted together with your reregistration for the examination semester (e.g. registration for examination in winter semester 2018/19 will be in June 2018). The necessary application forms can be downloaded.  

For further questions, please contact the examinations office.

Note: further information on deadlines can be found on the notice board!

Registrations to aptitude test

You will find information on the registration for the aptitude test here.

Downloads Registration Forms

Bachelor of Music / Bachelor of Arts (Dance)

Bachelor of Music EMP / GP / IP

Types of examination

Type 1: Teilnahmenachweis (TN) (proof of attendance)
Confirmation of regular attendance in a seminar or lecture signed by the lecturer.

Type 2: Studienleistung (SL) (coursework)
Issued by at least one lecturer after having passed successfully. The SL can be submitted in writing, orally or practically. The SL can be with grading, but generally "passed"/"failed" will be sufficient. The registration for SL will be done via the lecturer.

Type 3: Modulprüfung (module examination)
It will be run by at least two examiners. The module examination will be graded. Registration has to be done via the respective lecturer. 

(The students will get the forms for the respective records of examination types 1 to 3 together with their record of study (proof of attendance)). Futhermore they can be found in the 

Downloadbereich or at the digital filing desk. 

Type 4: Besondere Modulprüfung (special module examination)
The examination will be taken by, at least, three examiners. The examination will always be graded. Registration has to be done via the examinations office. (see Registration for Examinations)

The necessary records for the special module examination are promptly forwarded by the examinations office to the respective examination board.

The examinations office would be glad to assist you! 

Bachelor's thesis / capstone project

The registration form for topic approval of a bachelor’s thesis/capstone project as a special module examination must be submitted to the Examination Office by the enrollment date of the seventh semester at the latest. The topic must first be discussed with the advising instructor and confirmed by her/his signature.

The registration form for topic approval for a bachelor’s thesis/capstone project is available for download.

Download registration form bachelor's thesis / capstone project

Bachelor of Music / Bachelor of Arts (Dance)

Bachelor of Music EMP / GP / IP

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