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Psychological Counselling

For Personal and Academic Problems

Our Psychological Counselling Service is available as a point of contact for any students who are finding the pressure of their degree studies too much or who have the feeling it would simply be good to have a chat to someone in confidence - perhaps someone not involved in the situation in question.

Themes for a counselling session like this might be:

  • difficulties of getting to know people
  • fear of examinations
  • relationship difficulties
  • personal crises
  • study stress
  • problems with the university, the lecturers or with the student's instrument
  • learning/working difficulties
  • depression
  • illness

We want to help students rediscover, expand, and utilize their own abilities and strengths during a difficult phase in their life. In many cases, just a single conversation or a few appointments are all that is needed for students to get back on with their life and to find solutions for their problems.

Individual Counselling

Frau Susanne Kremkau is available as a personal counsellor. You can make a one-to-one appointment with her any time on +49(0)172-72 84 904.


Susanne Kremkau
Kölner Studierendenwerk
Luxemburger Str. 181 - 183
50939 Köln
0221 168815-0 

Furthermore, you can use the services of the Student Services Provider.

Online Counselling

Psychological counselling, study advice and counselling on social/welfare issues on