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Deacons and Departements

The deacons are there to answer any questions on the content of your degree course in cases where your main specialist subject lecturer or the head of the degree course, have been unable to help you.

Department 1: keyboard instruments, plucked string instruments, composition, texture
Prof. Prof. Wolfram Breuer: Wolfram.Breuer(at)hfmt-koeln(dot)de
consultation times: by appointment

Department 2: string instruments, orchestra direction
Prof. Alexander Rumpf: Alexander.Rumpf(at)hfmt-koeln(dot)de 
consultation times: by appointment

Department 3: brass instruments, harp, drums/timpani
Prof. Ulrich Flad, ulrich.flad(at)hfmt-koeln(dot)de
consultation times: by appointment

Department 4: vocal studies, musical theatre
Brigitte Lindner: Brigitte.Lindner(at)hfmt-koeln(dot)de 
consultation times: by appointment 

Department 5: music education, musicology, choir direction, church music
Prof. Dr. Anne Niessen: anne.niessen(at)hfmt-koeln(dot)de
consultation times: by appointment

Department 6: jazz/pop
Prof. Anette von Eichel: Anette.vonEichel(at)hfmt-koeln(dot)de
consultation times: by appointment

Centre for contemporary dance
Prof. Vera Sander, vera.sander(at)hftm-koeln(dot)de
consultation times: by appointment

Heads of degree courses

Elementary music education (EMP)
Prof. Dr. Claudia Meyer (Cologne site), claudia.meyer(at)hfmt-koeln(dot)de,
consultation times: Tuesday, 3.15 pm - 4.00 pm, Room 808

Prof. Dr. Corinna Vogel (Wuppertal site), corinna.vogel(at)hfmt-koeln(dot)de
consultation times: by appointment

Prof. Sarah Semke (Wuppertal site), sarah.semke(at)hfmt-koeln(dot)de
consultation times: by appointment 

Instrument teaching / vocal teaching
Prof. Dr. Natalia Ardila-Mantilla, natalia.ardila-mantilla(at)hfmt-koeln(dot)de
consultation times: by appointment

General Music Teaching
Prof. Dr. Christine Stöger: 
consultation times: thursday, 11.00 am - 13.00 pm; Room 809