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Advice for Students with an Impairment

Advice for Students with an Impairment

When you begin a new course of study, you begin a new chapter of life, with new people, new situations, and new surroundings. This new beginning is exciting, interesting, and, perhaps, a little scary, liable to uncertainty. It demands energy, thought and decision-making, and this is especially true for students with disability status.

The advising services for students with disabilities at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln (HfMT) assist students in obtaining equal educational opportunities and becoming as independent as possible in their studies and university life. The objective is to create an institution accessible for everyone. This means taking into account people’s disadvantages and giving special consideration for those adversely affected by a disability or chronic illness in their audition or course of study.

According to the German Social Welfare Code, “Individuals are disabled when their physical function, mental ability or psychological health is highly likely to deviate from their age-typical level for more than six months and thus adversely affects their participation in social life” (Art. 2 para. 1 SGB IX).

North Rhine – Westphalia’s Higher Education Autonomy Act stipulates that post-secondary educations must “help improve individual opportunities for students” and “make allowances for the special needs of disabled or chronically ill students” (Art. 3, para. 5 HFG). 

Our advising services cover all disability-related questions surrounding auditions, studies, and exams. We provide targeted assistance for students with disabilities and work toward structural improvements at our institution. Our services are available for students who are already enrolled at HfMT or interested in studying

Consulting Hours

Prof. Corinna Vogel (instructor)
 appointments must be made by email.

studierendemithandicap(at)hfmt-koeln(dot)de oder corinna.vogel(at)hfmt-koeln(dot)de

Jan Hinrichs
Consulting hours: by appointment


Please feel free to send us emails or letters with your questions. All advising is confidential and free of charge.

Taking Disadvantages into Account

The HfMT takes into account the disadvantages that students with disabilities face. We work to find arrangements that accommodate each individual disability relying on physician assessments. These include time extensions for exams and the option to take oral exams instead of written exams, or vice versa. 

Students who fall ill during the semester can apply for extensions and make other arrangements. Students who cannot attend classes because of a long-term illness and are unable to complete coursework can request a one-semester leave of Absence.