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Studio for Electronic Music

The Studio for Electronic Music at the Hochschule für Musik Köln was established in 1965 by Dr. Herbert Eimert and later directed by Prof. Hans-Ulrich Humpert, making this studio one of the oldest among higher education institutions in Germany. Virtually all analog and digital production processes for electronic music have also been used at the studio. Even in today’s overwhelmingly digital age, several early tone generators are still in use today. Prof. Michael Beil has been the director of the Studio since 2007.

Studio music production has changed in recent years. Students of electronic music composition are no longer relegated to only working in the studio. They own most of the devices needed to create electronic music. These devices have not only become more affordable in recent years, but also smaller, making them easier to transport. The once dominant technical aspects of electronic music are also increasingly fading into the background, which leaves more room for artistic and media theory questions in the classroom. This has also led to a change in what an electronic music studio needs to entail. Interest in electronic music has grown and it has become almost commonplace for composers to use electronic media. The studio at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln is perfectly equipped and well prepared for this trend.

Work focuses on designing concerts as well as integrating electronic music with other media and instrumental music. It goes without saying that there is close collaboration between students and faculty in the Instrumental Composition program.

One other note for those interested in producing pop music: the program for electronic music is open to all music genres, but does not focus on the production of commercial or applied music (e.g., film music). The Pop Music Production program was created for that purpose.

The studio holds concerts with electronic and live electronic music in the University concert hall which was specifically designed for such performances. Representative compositions of the studio’s forty years of work in various electronic music genres were released in a complete-set CD series and a copy can be ordered for a service fee.

An overview of the works produced can be found on the PDF document on this page.