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In addition to enabling students to take different instrumental and vocal courses for performance, the traditional focus of the campus is music education.

On the one hand, this is highlighted by the pronounced practical nature of the training. On the other hand, there are various opportunities to participate in specific areas. These include:

  • Close cooperation with the surrounding music schools and general education schools, such as opportunities to sit in on classes or be a teaching assistant in music classes at the primary level
  • The opportunity of further study (6 semesters) in the Movement/Dance program with an arts education final examination
  • Shadowing and assisting with introductory music education classes for senior citizens in cooperation with the network of senior citizens
  • Annual performance evenings (percussion, ensemble direction, stage plays, voice, music, and movement/dance) with students in all education degree tracks
  • Collaboration with the Bergische Gesellschaft für Neue Musik as part of concert teaching opportunities
  • The arts education final performance of the Music and Movement/Dance module (live music, work with children and young people)
  • Planning and organizing children’s concerts and dance performances by and for children and young people
  • Interdisciplinary courses (in cooperation with Von der Heydt Museum, etc.)
  • Collaboration with the Tanzhaus Düsseldorf and the Akademie Remscheid
  • Special ensembles such as the Salonorchester, the Capella dei Leutini, and the Gitarrenensemble

Students of the University regularly work in cooperation with numerous organizers and ensembles in the performing arts. These include: