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Instructors at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln use various musical publications to communicate with the public. These publications include books on music, musical textbooks, sheet music editions and academic articles. The University’s publication series “musicolonia” publishes outstanding research articles with ties to professors or projects at the University. High-quality copies (hardcover with thread stitching) of the series are printed by the Dorn publishing house in Cologne. Eight volumes of this series have been published since 2007.

Virtuosity and Churchliness – The World of German Organ Concerts in the 19th Century

By Cordelia Miller

Organ concerts always had a special status in the sphere of German concerts. This was primarily due to the traditional ecclesiastical function of the organ and the organist.

Especially in Lutheran regions of Germany, there was only slow acceptance of the organ as a concert instrument and the organist as concert virtuoso. With its historical, social, and musical components, this is the first study to offer a complete overview of the world of German organ concerts during the 19th century. A comprehensive index of performances and organists is included in the book.