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Holger Mertin

Curriculum Vitae

Holger Mertin (1977) studied ethnomusicology, percussion and drums – Frankfurt University, University of Cologne, School of Oriental and African Studies, London. He is currently expressing his personality through a large palette of projects ranging from collaborations with other musicians – Drums And More, Duo Liebezeit Mertin, Qualitätsdada, Duo Milan Sladek & Holger Mertin, “Fodderstompf”, the experimental avant-garde/jazz bands mÄÄr and PEM – theater and dance pieces, creations for museums and art festivals, teaching at Cologne University for modern and contemporary dance, writing for STICKS and IZ and cooperating with instrument builder Meinl.
In his intense concert performances, ranging from experimental jazz and groovy popular music to the complex metres of traditional rhythms and folk music from all over the world, Holger combines brilliant technique with a gift for intuition and thematic improvisation. Ever exploring new stylistic and conceptual avenues, Holger is not merely a performer inspired by idiophones and membranophones from various cultural contexts but can legitimately claim the title ‘musical innovator’: whatever he turns his hand to yields unexpected sounds; sounds he will masterly combine with rhythmic devices of soul music, hip-hop music, rock music… you better be prepared for the unexpected…