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Online Catalog/Circulation Desk

Searching and Ordering

The library’s inventory is available in the online catalog, but some items are only listed by provisional short title descriptions.

The online catalog may be used to research, order, and renew items and to view user accounts.


By default, you are connected to the University’s library-wide catalog whenever you open the catalog.

The individual catalogs for the Cologne, Wuppertal, and Aachen branches may be selected from the “Catalogs” menu item. Please order items from your own campus first.

Search Settings

You can search using the basic search, advanced search, or index search options.

All search options may be selected from the navigation menu, which is located in the upper section of the catalog.

Found it. Now What?

A list of the results will be displayed after the search is completed. If you have found what you were looking for and now want to see if the item is available, click on the title and on “All copies” (Alle Exemplare) in the results list. The pop-up window shows whether or not the desired item is available or if it can be viewed in the reference library.

Click on “Order/Reserve” (Bestellen/Vormerken)if you wish to order/reserve the item and then enter your library loan number and password in the dialog window that appears. The library loan number can be found on the back of your student identification card. The password is your birthday without dashes (DDMMYYYY). You are now in your personal user account. Click OK to confirm your order.

“Ordering/Renewing” Not Working?

Did you register with the library again after re-enrolling for the new semester?

Did you forget that you have already renewed the item three times or that it cannot be renewed?

Records do not have to be ordered. Records can be picked up directly from the circulation desk and used in the multimedia room. However, you will need to note the call number for the desired item.

User Account

To access your user account (Benutzerkonto), click on My Account (Mein Konto) in the navigation menu and enter your library loan number and password (DDMMYYYY). Use your account to view your loaned items and due dates and to make renewals. Any incurred fees will also be displayed in your account, but only after you’ve returned the item. So please always pay close attention to due dates. Please close your account by clicking on “log off” (Sitzung beenden).