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Academic Life and Extracurricular Activities

Full of Tradition, International, and
Open to New Trends

In addition to receiving a goal-oriented, well-grounded education, students at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln also enjoy Cologne’s innovative and open atmosphere. Cologne is a multinational, tolerant city that people from many countries call home. The unique atmosphere is an amalgamation of what the city has to offer its residents and visitors: music, art, literature, film, not to mention the variety of culinary and athletic events as well as many other activities. Of course, students who study in Cologne want to take part in the life of the city. The following resources will help you become familiar with Cologne.


The City of Cologne offers a wide variety of athletic activities. The Hochschulsport is a good starting point for students to get an idea of what is available.

Student Council (AStA)

The Student Body Student Council represents the interests of students at our University. In addition to addressing student concerns throughout the year, the Student Council also offers a large number of services, including advising services.

Student Services

Cologne’s student services (Kölner Studierendenwerk) assists students with questions and concerns regarding student life. The student services offered include assistance with student housing, financial aid, food and drink (the cafeteria provides up-to-date menus daily), child care, social advising services, and a wide range of other useful services and information sources for students.

Cultural Services

The cultural scene in Cologne has something for everyone. Whether you prefer theatre, film, music, painting, dance, etc., this includes everything from traditional art to avant-garde and experimental art as well as the extensive media and entertainment scene.