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Arts and Culture

Cologne’s Diverse Cultural Scene

Cologne’s cultural scene is one of this vibrant city’s main attractions. Cologne Cathedral, twelve Romanesque churches, numerous sophisticated museums and theaters, and a diverse, international music scene (MusikTriennale, Kölnarena, Musical Dome, Philharmonie, c/o pop, Oper, Stadtgarten, Loft) make Cologne an unforgettable experience. Renowned musical acts from all eras and genres such as Jacques Offenbach, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Mauricio Kagel, Musica Antiqua Köln, BAP, etc. and a well-established television and radio broadcasting industry solidify Cologne’s reputation as an international music and media metropolis. Cologne is also a city know for reading and writing. Heinrich Böll, Günther Wallraff, Frank Schätzing are only a few of the city’s well-known authors. The literary festival lit.COLOGNE is a famous Cologne attraction.

The Deutsche Tanzarchiv located in Cologne is one of the most exceptional dance research centers in Europe. Many innovative and high-caliber dance projects and the construction of a dance theater for performances and productions of professional Ausdruckstanz further enrich the city’s cultural scene.

Yet there is also a vast array of culinary and sports events as well as many other activities, such as Carnival, which attracts thousands of guests to the city each year.