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Konzertsaal Köln

Large, Multifunctional Stage

The Concert Hall at the Hochschule für Musik Köln has the space and technical equipment to host a wide spectrum of music, dance, and stage performances. The hall has a multifunctional stage with a surface of 380 m2 and eight podiums that can be joined together to make a flat surface.

The concert hall has seating capacity for 799 people and its large stage as specified by North Rhine-Westphalia regulations for public places. Two additional spaces are also located near the stage: a sound room and the lighting control room.

Concert Hall

  • Audience seating: 799
  • Stage size: 380 m2 including a 100 m2 orchestra pit


  • 80 electric fly systems each with a load-bearing capacity of 75 kg
  • 17 load bars
  • 1 cyclorama
  • Multi-field crossbars above the forestage (load-bearing capacity: 2 metric tons)
  • 8 stage elevators
  • Variable stage portal 10-24 m with electrical stage curtain
  • Maximum stage depth: 24 m
  • Floor openings for electricity on the forestage


  • Signal box MA Lighting Grand MA 5632 circuits, including remote, back-up computer and secondary MA Video Digital panel
  • 246 stationary dimmer circuits (2 kW and 5 kW), additional mobile dimmer circuits
  • DMX and LAN wiring, WLAN for control
  • 32A and 63A ports on stage
  • Revolving lighting catwalk with 3 bridges
  • 2 proscenium towers
  • 10 movable lighting towers


  • Niethammer ellipsoidal reflector spotlights (ERS)
  • Strand Lighting and ARRI 2 kW and 5 kW Fresnel lens spotlights
  • Ten color scrollers for 2 kW Fresnel lens spotlights
  • Color scrollers for 5 kW Fresnel lens spotlights
  • Four ARRI 2.5 kW HMI Fresnel lens spotlights with dimmers and color scrollers
  • Two 1.2 kW HMI follow spots (Pani)
  • 2 kW NV follow spot (Strand Lighting)
  • 2 kW PC lens spotlight and 1 kW PAR spotlight
  • Four 0.5 kW floor battens
  • Five color striplights
  • RGB + W fluorescent battens in proscenium tower

Moving Lights

  • Three Strand Lighting Pirouette remote-controlled Fresnel lens spotlights
  • Five Vari*Lite VL 3000 Q Washlights, 1200 W HMI
  • Five Vari*Lite VL 500 A Washlights, 700 W MSR
  • Ten Vari*Lite VL 1000 TS Spotlight, 1000 W Halogen
  • Two Clay Paky Stage Profile Plus SV, 1200 W HMI
  • Two Clay Paky Stage Profile Plus 1200 SV, 1200 W HMI


  • 10 m x 8 m Opera Folie
  • 1.2 kW HMI Projector (Pani) for 18x18 cm slides
  • One Panasonic PL-D 6000 projector with wide angle lens, 6500 ANSI lumen
  • One Panasonic PL-DZ 6700 E projector with wide angle lens, 6000 ANSI lumen, HD compatible
  • One MA Lighting MA Video media server

Sound System

Mixer Console

  • Yamaha M7CL 48 channel (mobile)
  • Yamaha LS9 32 channel (mobile)
  • Soundcraft B800 (stationary with analog multicore and patch panel)

Audio Network

Three Yamaha SB 168 ES 48In/24Out (mobile)


  • Eight Audiozenit ND 15 (wedge/multiformat)
  • Six Audiozenit TI8 (wedge/multiformat)
  • Two RAM S4044 (mobile)
  • RAM RX1500, including DBX Driverack, PA controller (mobile), four Sennheiser EW 300 IEM G2 D-BAND


  • Six Audiozenit Neolite NLW212 basses (mobile), power rating 1200 W (RMS), spectral sensitivity 96 dB, impedance 4 Ohms, frequency response (-3 dB) 49-250 Hz
  • Six Audiozenit Neolite NL208 tops (mobile), power rating 600 W (RMS), spectral sensitivity 99 dB, impedance 8 Ohms, frequency response (-3 dB) 80-18,500 Hz, radiation angle 90x60, crossover frequency 1800 Hz
  • Three Systemamping Neolites

PA/Concert Hall

Main PA

Stereo (L/C/R) consists of:

  • Eighteen Meyer Sound M1D Line Array elements (9 per side)
  • Four Meyer Sound 500 HP Subs (2 per side)
  • Two Meyer Sound UPJ-1P out fills (1 per side)
  • One Meyer Sound UPQ-1P center fill
  • Four Meyer Sound UPM-2P near fill

In addition to two Meyer Sound M1D Line Array systems, each with nine elements and corresponding 500 HP subs, the main left/right public address system for the orchestra and first several rows in front of the stage consists of a Meyer Sound UPQ-1P speaker that supports the middle. The area in front of the proscenium can be supported by Meyer Sound UPM-2P compact speakers. The audience area next to the stage is supported by a Meyer Sound UPJ-1P active speaker with rotatable horn (80° x 50° or 50° x 80°) on each side.

Multiple Channel PA

Quadrophone/8 Channel

  • Eight Meyer Sound UPQ-1P (each individually selectable)
  • Four Meyer Sound HP-500 Subs from the stereo PA can be used to complement the deep bass area

When using a multiple channel PA system, the speakers can each be individually selected (4 channels or 8 channels) or be used as a quadrophonic system (4 channels) with “phantom center support.”

All speaker systems, including the subwoofers, are controlled using a digital Meyer Sound Lab Galileo 616 speaker management system. Meyer Sound calibrated all of the necessary delay times, level and phase corrections, equalizers, and presets.