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Department Wuppertal

Art Education Program with a
Strong Emphasis on Practical Training


The Wuppertal campus has a longstanding reputation for its successful art education program with a strong emphasis on practical training. This reputation is reinforced through numerous partnerships with academic institutions and cultural organizers in the Bergisches Land region.

Housed in a landmark building and a modern annex building in the center of Wuppertal-Barmen, the University is easy to reach from the city. The building has two concert halls, a historic chamber music hall, and a large, modern hall with a complete range of technical equipment. Students also have access to a large number of rooms located above the halls.

Close contact and fast means of communication between instructors, students, and the administration highlight the creative cooperation and forge the unique atmosphere at the University and within our community.

The campus is easy to reach from Cologne using all means of transportation. Students can use their semester tickets across tariff boundaries of different transportation companies and reach their destination in under an hour.

Ensembles that regularly perform on campus are the Hochschulorchester led by rotating directors, each conducting for one performance cycle; the Schönberg-Ensemble für Neue Musik directed by Prof. Werner Dickel, and the Salonorcheser directed by Prof. Albrecht Winter.

These ensembles are an absolute rarity and unique feature among German academic music institutions.



  • Prof. Dr. Lutz Hesse
    Geschäftsführender Direktor
    Standort Wuppertal
  • Lea Steffen
    Direktoriumsbüro Standort Wuppertal - Günter Wand Haus
    Standort Wuppertal
  • Gabriele Amend
    Studiensekretariat und Prüfungsamt Wuppertal - Günter Wand Haus
    Standort Wuppertal
  • Susanne Klaus
    Künstlerisches Betriebsbüro Wuppertal - Günter Wand Haus
    Standort Wuppertal
  • Janine Ufer
    Bibliothek Wuppertal - Günter Wand Haus, Hochschulbibliothek Standort Köln
    Standort Wuppertal
  • Uwe Reczko
    Hausverwaltung Standort Wuppertal
    Standort Wuppertal

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