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Friends of the University

Art Requires Fundraising: Association of
Friends and Sponsors (Der Verein der
Freunde und Förderer e.V.)

The goal of Verein der Freunde und Förderer e.V. of the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz is to support the University’s efforts in education, teaching, research, and public presentation, as well as to promote and further the interaction between the University and supporters of the arts within the community.

The aim is to make the public aware of the artistic talent and potential that faculty and students possess. This contact benefits everyone involved. Young artists find an attentive audience, while members of the association play a role of support in the artistic development of these young artists. Likewise, the students’ studies form the necessary foundation to potentially propel them onto the stages of concert halls and theaters. However, any potential career requires years of hard work and training, which in turns requires a solid financial basis. As laudable as the government’s financial aid is, it is often not enough. When this is the case, the association steps in and supports the up-and-coming artists in any way that it can.

We are looking for members who value preserving the cultural diversity of Germany and have the means and desire to support this endeavor. As a member of Der Verein der Freunde und Förderer e.V., you enjoy many benefits. The monthly program, the semiannual University publication “journal”, and various other publications will be sent to you and keep you informed of the schedule (more than 300 performances per year) as well as other University activities.

How to Join

The annual membership fee is 72 euros for individuals, 120 euros for a dual membership for married couples, and 600 euros for companies and organizations. Students and retirees pay 36 euros. The discounted fee for married couples and partners is 60 euros. Donation receipts are sent out at year's end for donations starting at 100 euros, so that fees and any other donations can be declared as tax deductions.


Dr. Wolfram Nolte

Bank Information

Deutsche Bank AG Köln
Bank Code: 370 700 60
Account #: 13 62 052

Sparkasse Köln
Bank Code: 370 501 98
Account #: 15 53 22 29