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This user name will also serve as your e-mail address. The full e-mail address will be made up as follows: LSF user


Your e-mail address will be created automatically when you enrol at the Cologne University of Music and Dance and should then be used by you. You can find access details in your student handbook which will be handed out to you on enrolment.

All communication from the university will be carried out exclusively via this e-mail address.  We therefore recommend that you check your e-mails regularly, so that you don't miss anything. Important tips and information which is essential for your degree course will be sent out to you from the following departmental areas:

·         Student Administration Office

·         Examinations Office

·         Orchestra Office

·         Library

·         Support Office

You can call up your e-mails via the web browser (Outlook Web Access)

You have access to the following services:

  • the e-Learning system ILIAS

  • access via a browser to your emails via Outlook Web Access 
  •  access to the library's online data base via a  secure connection (VPN)
  • access to the university-wide Wi-Fi network
  • access to the Online Student Service



You can change the password in Outlook Web Access. If you change the password, then the change will apply to all services linked to the e-mail address, except the Online Student Information Service.  It is not possible to change your e-mail address. 

Further information you will find here:


There is Wi-Fi in all the university buildings. Access is also gained by registering with your user name (e-mail address) and your password via the corresponding web portal, which will appear in the selection of HfMT networks.

Furthermore, it also supplies information on the lecturer in question and perhaps further details of any prerequisites for participation, information on content and tips for relevant literature. Where appropriate, you may also find information on the registration procedure for the respective teaching events.

The online lecture timetable is sorted according to degree course, and within the courses, there is further categorisation according to the individual modules, where—depending on the event in question—they are then further sorted according to site.  You can also use the search function of the online lecture timetable to search according to either the title of the event or the lecturer. 

Please note that the online lecture timetable is not completely free of errors.  If you are in any way uncertain about the details provided, or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the named member of the teaching staff.

You will find the online lecture timetable on   

Via this portal, you can print out your certificate of study, change your address or contact details and view the current status of any course fees still outstanding.

Please register for these services via the portal on with your user name (either enrolment number or the user name made up of your first name.surname) and your password. The password is the same one which you use for your e-mail address and will be issued to you at the beginning of your course of study. As with all other data in the online Student Information Service portal, you are free to change your password. The change will, however, only affect your access data for the online Student Information Service portal.

Please note

 – we recommend you make use of these various services for the simple administration of your degree course. An information sheet on the various electronic services available can be found in your student handbook. If you need any further help, please contact it-support(at)hfmt-koeln(dot)de

An information sheet with full details can be found in your student handbook.