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Student Council


The elected student representative bodies at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln are the Student Parliament (StuPa) and the Student Council (AStA).

The Student Parliament is the highest decision-making body of student government at the University. Members of the Student Parliament are elected by their peers once a year at the end of the summer semester and represent every degree program on all three campuses. The President and Vice President are elected from the Student Parliament. The tasks of the Student Parliament are manifold. The Parliament elects the members of the Student Council and appoints students to various committees. Members of Parliament make up the committees, which have various responsibilities. To name a few, the Budget Committee controls the finances of the Student Council, the Committee for Political Education focuses on the involvement of students in University affairs and organizes events such as the boycott of tuition fees, and the Hardship Committee processes student requests for semester and NRW Ticket reimbursements.

The Student Parliament holds monthly meetings during the semester that are open to the public. During these plenary meetings, the Student Parliament discusses the reports from the student body representatives in the Senate and the Student Council. In addition, the Parliament discusses proposals and issues from all over the student body and decides on guidelines for fulfilling the duties of the student body.

In addition to the Student Parliament and student representatives in the faculty departments and the Senate, the Student Council is the executive body of student representatives. The Student Council represents students’ interests in internal University bodies (Senate, Structural Committee, etc.) but also at external University organizations such as Student Services or the transportation authorities. Furthermore, the Student Council provides various services, including coordinating practice sessions and organizing preparatory classes for the qualifying examinations in all degree programs. The President of the Student Council and the independent members of the Council nominated by the President are elected at the end of the summer semester by members of the Student Parliament. The Student Council holds weekly meetings that are open to the public in the Student Council office (Dagoberstr. 35-37, 50668 Köln). Student attendance at the meetings, suggestions, or assistance is always welcome.

The members of the Student Parliament and Student Council are contacts for any questions and concerns students may have. Click here to learn more about the work, role, and opportunities of these student bodies.