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Solidarity with Ukraine

"It is with great dismay that we follow the attack of the army of the Russian Federation on Ukraine. As an international university that understands peaceful and democratic coexistence of different cultures and nations as the basis for freedom of art, teaching and research, we condemn this aggression and demand an immediate end to the belligerent actions by the Russian government.

Our unreserved solidarity goes out to all Ukrainians who are experiencing such great suffering as a result of the war in their country. Our thoughts are especially with our Ukrainian students, colleagues and their families. We also think of the Russian and Belarusian students and teachers at our university and their families who have been affected by the military cations through no fault of their own. Our respect goes to all those who oppose the Russian regime and the war with such courage."

Statement by the Rector of HfMT Cologne, 24.2.2022


Offers for refugee students at HfMT Cologne can be found on this page.